Monday, 25 January 2010

22.2 days

22.2 days is a small drawing project I’m currently working on that will culminate in an exhibition in Leeds.

The Story

I have estimated I have spent over 270 hours (22.2 days) sat on trains this last year travelling between Yorkshire, Gloucestershire and South Wales. 270 hours sat there thinking about all the time I was wasting. Nothing to do but sketch and take photographs of the scenery that rushed past and Think. Thinking about what I’d left behind and what I would find on arrival.

Rivers, canals, bridges, rows of white  pebbledash terraces,  the crooked spire, gateway to the national forest, the morning mist lying heavy on the fields, deer, disused tracks,  unknown hills and Ponds, little houses along the Severn estuary, Gloucester cathedral peeping into view.  

After a while the scenes all merge into one, each journey lost amongst a landscape of similar experiences.
This project uses those seemingly pointless, time killing sketches, notes and photographs turning them into finished pieces. Seeing the drawings framed and in the exhibition space will acknowledge this lost time and thought then maybe it won’t be lost after all.